sometimes we’re the assholes.

I haven’t always been the supportive, empathetic, thoughtful therapist and expert girlfriend I fancy myself to be today. During this time, aka: the dark ages, I was one of those girls who NEVER wanted to “define” anything, and “let’s just have fun and see what happens”, and “oh, he’s not my boyfriend- we just hang … Continue reading

The Dating Diaries: Chapter One

“I Love You”  The first time I told a boy “I love you” it was an accident.  We were in Cape Cod on his family vacation and his parents decided to let him take the car, so we could go on a solo dinner date.  We were 18, newly minted high school graduates, and definitely … Continue reading

the inaugural post about dating dilemmas.

what to say, what to say…except this dating shit is cray. to say the least. to give some context, the idea for this blog came as a result of two too many bottles of wine (as most FANTASTIC ideas do) among three friends celebrating their 27th birthdays and burgeoning midlife crises.  there was little food … Continue reading