the inaugural post about dating dilemmas.

what to say, what to say…except this dating shit is cray. to say the least.

to give some context, the idea for this blog came as a result of two too many bottles of wine (as most FANTASTIC ideas do) among three friends celebrating their 27th birthdays and burgeoning midlife crises.  there was little food and lots of wine, which resulted in a well-lubricated discussion about the fear and loathing of your late twenties. all three were proud owners of ladyparts (read: vaginas), so of course the conversation quickly turned to relationships, bad dating stories and the insistence that men, are in fact, pure assholes.

one said party member relayed her account of the conclusion of her first date following the end of a long term relationship. it went a little something like this:

“we were in the cab on the way home, when I pulled out my phone and said to him let me show you a picture of my cats.” ugh.

thus another bottle of wine was ordered and the blog was born (see above re: fantastic ideas). so, ladies and gents, we bring you the forum to share your best and worst dating stories, advice, dilemmas and the like.  please submit all potential posts to (it’s real, I promise) and we will moderate and post as often as possible.

please be liberal with your stories and feel free to embellish with implicit & sexual details (“his penis was SO small”…”she texted me she loved me after the first date”), as we’re all looking for a little sumpin sumpin to make us feel better about our own shitty dating lives. and, let’s be honest, we all get by with a little help from our friends.

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